CPL to reveal inaugural season kits on April 4
Canadian Premier League

TORONTO — April 4, 2019 is a date we’ve anticipated ever since the Canadian Premier League agreed to a groundbreaking partnership to produce arguably the most unique kits anywhere in the world.

Finally, we’re here, months after CPL brass first jetted off to Bologna, Italy to customize kits the league’s Founding Clubs will don in 2019; kits that will connect these teams to their supporters and communities.

And the spectacular unveiling of these 14 original kits and club apparel promises to be just as special as the look and feel of what players and fans will be introduced to for the first time in league history.

Streamed live from an undisclosed, but hallowed, location in downtown Toronto, the CPL’s official kit launch Thursday night will be attended by league executives, partners, players, coaches, media personalities and some of Canada’s biggest soccer and lifestyle influencers.

At the same time, co-ordinated satellite events in each of the CPL’s seven founding cities will simultaneously broadcast the league’s biggest day as home and away kits will be modelled from coast to coast, offering supporters an initial, up-close look at their club’s threads.

The innovative approach is further revolutionized through the Centre Circle App, the official hub of the Canadian Premier League.

Supporters and onlookers attending these exclusive events from coast-to-coast will have a unique opportunity to purchase their favourite kits directly through the app, using state-of-the-art mobile technology, which delivers a link to each kit the moment they are revealed across the country.

By enabling location, microphone and notification settings for the Centre Circle App, those lucky few in attendance will be able to take in the kit reveal with a 360-degree experience, which includes an exclusive priority order for kit purchases.

Further details regarding the full CPL shop will follow in the days after the official kit reveal.

Make sure to download the Centre Circle App, enable location, notifications and microphone settings as prompted, and tune in live on April 4 as the Canadian Premier League and Macron reveal the inaugural kits – an iconic moment for Canadian soccer’s newest icons.