New Partnership with KidSport Calgary

Cavalry FC are proud to announce a new partnership with KidSport Calgary as the club joins in support of youth sports and development within the Calgary community.

KidSport is a national grassroots sports charity with over 170 chapters across Canada. Its mission is to support children who need financial assistance with sports registration fees and no-cost equipment through the Calgary Flames Sports Bank.  They believe the power of sport participation promotes the development of children’s social, mental and physical well-being. Through increasing access to quality sports programs, KidSport strengthens the community. is to make sports as accessible as possible to youth across the country through sports registration fee assistance as well as equipment support.

KidSport Calgary CEO Kevin Webster sat down with Cavalry FC to share the impact the collaboration between Cavalry FC and KidSport will have within the youth sports community here in Calgary. With over 826 youth supported this year within Calgary soccer, KidSport has invested over $240,000 in soccer registration fees in support of the minor soccer community already in 2022.


“Kids need sports to be accessible. And because of that, our goal is to ensure that low-income families can have that access to allow for opportunities for their kids,” shares Webster. “In this partnership with Cavalry, we hope that it will raise even more awareness to families that may not be familiar with our programs, as well as for anyone who would like to become involved with KidSport through volunteering or contributing to the cause.”


Cavalry goalkeeper, Marco Carducci, has been a KidSport ambassador since 2019 and was extremely excited when he learned that Cavalry and KidSport would be partnering. “Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and now we’re seeing it grow so much in our country,” shares Carducci. “We’ve seen the Canadian Women’s National Team win gold at the Olympics, and now the Canadian Men’s National Team qualify for the World Cup for the first time in decades. There’s so much excitement around the sport and the growth has been astronomical, and now we get to work with KidSport as Cavalry to provide this gift of sport and soccer for so many kids to enjoy.” As an ambassador, Carducci takes part in KidSport events and initiatives while helping provide fun and educational experiences for youth that are involved.


“What KidSport does is incredible. They put so much work into our communities to ensure that every kid can have an opportunity to partake in a sport, and that’s amazing. I believe that any kid that wants to one day become a professional athlete can absolutely make that possible, and KidSport is a perfect organization to help make those dreams come true.”

-Marco Carducci


KidSport has helped provide not only opportunities that have seen kids take part within the organization, but it has helped kids become household names within the world of sport, such as Cavalry FC’s Elijah Adekugbe and Canadian Men’s National Team’s Sam Adekugbe. “It’s been amazing to see individuals who used to be part of KidSport to now be showing their talent on the world stage. They’ve helped shine a bright light not only on KidSport, but also Calgary and Canada as a whole,” says Webster. “A lot of those individuals, like Elijah and Sam, are contributing members of our community and they’re such a great image for kids now to show what they can accomplish.”

Cavalry welcomed several KidSport youth to their “Train with the Pros” summer camps from August 15- 18 where they learned all sorts of skills and abilities from several Cavalry FC players. “Working together as an organization with the club will bring so many opportunities to youth and families while providing an experience within sport that every kid should have,” says Webster. After taking part in the summer camp, Cavalry will also be hosting KidSport youth at their upcoming match on August 27th against York United. The club is extremely excited to begin this collaboration alongside KidSport as the two sides continue to push in support of Calgary youth and community in ensuring sport is accessible to all.