Wheeldon Jr. on OneSoccer Hangout: On interest in Cavs players, ’emotional’ Island Games
Canadian Premier League

OneSoccer’s panel of Asa Rehman, Oliver Platt, and Gareth Wheeler returned on Thursday for another episode of Player and Pundit Hangouts, this time joined by Cavalry FC coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr.

Right off the bat, the Cavs boss offered an update about Aribim Pepple, the 17-year-old attacker who recently travelled to England for a trial with Premier League side Sheffield United. Wheeldon revealed that a host of clubs around Europe have inquired about Pepple, including sides in the Bundesliga, La Liga, and several others in the EPL. In fact, Wheeldon told OneSoccer that Pepple will be training with another Premier League side next week for an additional trial.

“I’d never had so many calls about a certain player,” Wheeldon stated. “Sometimes I think we all forget that he’s 17.”

Ultimately, Wheeldon confirmed that it’s very unlikely Pepple returns to Cavalry FC, with so many clubs interested. As for other players at the club, he suggested there’s been interest in Dominick Zator (including a possible loan deal with an English Championship side that didn’t quite come to fruition).

The coach also spoke about Zator’s possible future with the Canadian men’s team, suggesting that the defender could have an opportunity for minutes under John Herdman in 2021.

From there, the panel went on to break down Cavalry’s performance at The Island Games, and their run to the final day of the second round.

“I think we went on an emotional roller-coaster,” Wheeldon said.

He mentioned the slew of injuries Cavalry suffered, including those to major pieces such as Sergio Camargo and Oliver Minatel, as part of the reason they weren’t necessarily as good as in 2019.

“We felt like we were going into a chess match and we had no rook, no king, no knight,” Wheeldon quipped.

Wheeldon offered plenty of other thoughts about Cavalry’s season, and he gave his take on who he believes should win the CPL’s Coach of the Year award for 2020, asserting that Forge’s Bobby Smyrniotis is the best choice from a group of worthy candidates.

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