Cavalry FC: Emblem Story

The Cavalry FC emblem is distinctive and embodies the Flag of The Lord Strathcona’s Horse. An homage to the history and pageantry of the grounds and people.

At the heart of the crest is the chevron. A tribute to the military aspect of Cavalry FC, Lord Strathcona’s Horse and a salute to the Alberta Foothills next to Rocky Mountains.

Calgary has a deep rooted military history that began at Fort Calgary in 1875. The Fort housed national and military police to help protect Canada’s sovereignty, decrease illegal trading and resolve conflicts between settlers and northern Indigenous peoples. Many soldiers trained in the city before going to France and Belgium to fight in two world wars with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Today, Calgary is home to the largest service museum in Western Canada and the second largest military museum in the country.

The Flag of The Lord Strathcona’s Horse is an armed regiment comprised of Regimental Headquarters, along with four unique squadrons within the Canadian Forces. The regiment was part of many overseas wars including the first and second world wars. In addition to deployments in Bosnia and Afghanistan. The Royal Canadians continues its mission to provide tank and reconnaissance forces to the 1st Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Western Canada; keeping with its motto of perseverance.

Alberta’s Foothills, a region of hilly terrain lying between an area of plains and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. A fantastic location for Albertans and visitors to enjoy nature and activities like canoeing, hunting excursions and camping trips.

Our colours are synonymous with Calgary, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and lush green landscape of the foothills. The name Spruce Meadows also captures thoughts of immaculate and polished green lawns. Additionally, the flag of The Lord Strathcona’s Horse has red lettering atop a field of dark military green. The colour joins together with a club based in the foothills and playing out of a historic location in Spruce Meadows. The Lord Strathcona’s flag also inspired the red in Cavalry FC’s badge.

The old style football is a nod to the team that won the People’s Cup. A characteristic for the people of Calgary, Southern Alberta, Canada and the world to remember our clubs place as a growing soccer city.

The time is now for Calgarians to shape soccer in the city for present and future generations

Ride with us.