Player’s voice: Letters from Cavalry FC’s first signings

Dear fans,

I’ve played a lot of soccer in my career, but the attraction of building something bigger than anything I’ve ever experienced before, back home in Canada, is what brought me home.

This is something I never had growing up – this direct pathway to a professional league across the country, where young footballers can aspire to be a part of this sport.

It’s why I wanted to be a part of this.

As a player, I’ll always be honest with the fans, with myself and with my teammates. I’ll give everything I have for these colours, just as I’ve done throughout my career. It’s in my DNA now, after playing for as long as I have.

That work ethic, the attention to detail? It’s what keeps you in the game.

As a leader, I hope to pass on my professionalism and hunger to win. That won’t change.

We all want to help this league and we all share one common goal: To help soccer grow across Canada.

I’ve had the privilege of representing my country and I know this new journey will see many more players earn that honour.

I look forward to representing the people of Calgary as we rise together, as one.

Nik Ledgerwood

Dear fans,

Calgary is beautiful.

It’s perfect.

I love seeing the mountains in the distance. I love exploring nature. You can see everything Canada has to offer on a nice day, and the city has everything you need.

I’m not from Alberta, but Calgary already feels like home.

What I’m hoping is that my teammates and I can make soccer a mainstay in this city, by showing the talent we have in our community.

You’ll always get passion and drive from me, and from my teammates – because whoever plays for Tommy needs to have those traits.

Any game that we play, we’ve got to suffocate teams. We’ll be on the front-foot. We won’t sit back against anybody.

You’ll always get an entertaining game from us.

I’m bringing the final product – goals and creation – but I want to bring more off the field, too.

I wouldn’t say I’m the most vocal leader, but the way I carry myself can go a long way in building a team.

I promise, when I put on that shirt, to always give 100% for the fans.

I hope I can deliver goals and celebrations throughout the year.

Sergio Camargo

Camargo letter
Sergio Camargo, Cavalry FC.

This is about the Canadian Premier League and about Canadians in general.

When you think of the appetite and thirst for knowledge about these initial players and what our teams will look and feel like, this is massive. As I like to put it, this will help show what the DNA of our league will look like.

One of the top questions I’ve received is “Will there be young men from our regions playing on our teams?” Another big question from fans is “Will they be Canadians?” And the answer to both is a resounding yes. These guys are here because they want to play in this league. They’ve embraced the honour of playing coast-to-coast in Canada.

For me, they will forever be linked to the Canadian Premier League.

– David Clanachan, CPL Commissioner.