2024 Kits

blizzard camo kit.

In the cold winters of Alberta, only the strong survive. Our arctic tundra-styled bonus jersey is perfectly paired with a sage green trim – a constant reminder that spring is always around the corner. It’s also a testament to our team’s resilience and our vow to keep digging in when times get tough. When the Canadian Premier League kicked off its inaugural season in 2019, our green camouflage top proved a huge hit with fans. Five years later, it’s back and better than ever – perhaps it’s the snowball effect.

northern lights kit.

Inspired by the Alberta Night Sky and Canada’s northernmost Canadian Premier League team. Drawing inspiration from the Aurora Borealis and incorporating elements inspired by the Pegasus Constellation—a nod to our home field at Spruce Meadows—this jersey proudly features Alberta’s celestial wonders. Show your team spirit and Alberta’s natural wonders. It’s more than sportswear; it’s a connection to the unique celestial offerings of Canada’s northern landscape.

innovation city kit.

Kick off your style game with our kit inspired by the dynamic tech industry in Alberta. Calgary has emerged as a major tech hub, covering software development, artificial intelligence, biotech, and clean technology. Our red kit embodies the dynamic spirit of innovation and seamlessly fuses the beautiful game with subtle references to the traditional Cavalry sash.

concacaf patch.

Add a piece of history to your kit to commemorate Cavalry FC’s inaugural year in the 2024 Concacaf Champions Cup. A limited quantity are available for purchase with your jersey.