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To be considered a cavalry, more than one horse is required. Together, those horses must act as one. The formation of Cavalry FC is a unique Canadian story because it was born entirely out of the spirit of collaboration.

Linda A. Southern-Heathcott
Owner, Chairman and CEO at Spruce Meadows Entertainment. President and CEO at Spruce Meadows LTD.

The inception of one of Calgary’s newest pro sports franchises occurred when Linda was approached during a course walk by Tommy Wheeldon Jr. about whether she has ever considered soccer being played on the hallowed Spruce Meadows International Ring – and so began the story of Cavalry FC. Serendipitously, it was Linda Southern Heathcott, a former Olympian and current president and CEO of Spruce Meadows, whose interest was piqued. It was Linda’s love of horses and talent for riding that inspired her parents to create the vision that is now a globally recognized Show Jumping enterprise. The Southern family is excited about leading the charge for this new soccer venture while maintaining its multi-generational dedication to “excellence”.

Ian Allison
President, COO at Spruce Meadows LTD.

Proud Calgarian, Broadcaster, Producer, Spruce Meadow’s Senior Vice President and historian Ian Allison brings a wide leadership spectrum to Cavalry FC. From content creation to broadcast integration and general club leadership, Ian’s vision for professional soccer at “Meadows on the Green” will invite a new sub-culture and demographic to an existing “premium” sports experience.

Tommy Wheeldon Jr.
General Manager and Head Coach

Tommy Wheeldon Jr was born into a Liverpool soccer family but arrived in Calgary looking for a new adventure. After a pro career with Swindon Town, Torquay and the Calgary Storm, the life long Everton fan would ultimately help guide the technical direction of Foothills FC…a perennial powerhouse in the pro development league. Those same philosophies will now help guide the Cavalry as the club prepares for its first season in the CPL.