Club Overview

“Calgary is a city made up of extraordinary people, with an extraordinary history...”

What is it about Calgary, Alberta? Why does it feel so different from any other place in the country? The Rocky Mountains are breathtaking. The sky is huge. The fields are vast and golden, and the sun shines brightly. The city skyline is impressive, modern and evolving. These elements may form the City’s body…but its soul lies within its people.

You feel it the minute you arrive as you are welcomed by city of diverse people filled with pride and steeped in traditions.

Selflessness has been a community theme tracing back to Fort Calgary and the area’s early armed services. From the Lord Strathcona’s Horse, the volunteer regiment made up of area ranchers who fought on horseback through the Boer and first world wars, to the thousands of men and women who served and continue to serve Canada, there has always been a permanent military presence in the city. The Kings Own Calgary Regiment and the Calgary Highlanders are still active today.

A different battle, fought collectively and against long odds, delivered the Olympic Winter Games to the world in 1988. Not only did Calgary earn the right to host, but the city delivered famous games and that legacy is still inspiring gold medalists today. The city loves its conquests and when Calgary wins, the people celebrate.

To put it simply, the City of Calgary is defined by the character of its people. They are inspired by challenge and do not understand the meaning of the word quit.

When the Bow River rose, the citizens rose higher. When fires ravaged Fort McMurray, southern Albertans didn’t run away, they ran to that community offering support.

Even when the economy experiences downturns, people don’t just up and leave Calgary…they stay, fight for new ventures, or create different opportunities. They battle, because they want to stay. Calgary is their home – and they will fight to protect it.

With professional soccer returning to the Alberta foothills, the Club’s identity needs to reflect Calgary’s collective spirit and willingness to confront any obstacle, and any challenge.

The club’s home venue has been selected, a venue known for champions; having produced Olympians, World Cup and PanAmerican Gold Medalists, all of whom have proudly worn the Maple Leaf. The venue is deeply rooted in family values and great sporting tradition. It’s iconic grass stadiums are associated with the world’s best horsepower and a famous military regiment. That venue is Spruce Meadows.

Calgary is a city made up of extraordinary people, with an extraordinary history… it is now time for us to shape the future of soccer.

Calgary, this team is for you.

Time to marshal the troops and mount a charge.

Cavalry FC has arrived at Spruce Meadows. Ride with us.