Spruce Meadows, Cavalry FC Ensure Responsible Water Usage Amid City of Calgary Water Restrictions

Spruce Meadows is acutely aware of the current water situation and related restrictions in and around the City of Calgary. As we host our annual Summer Series and upcoming Cavalry FC home matches, we are committed to adhering to all water usage guidelines while ensuring the welfare of our guests, officials, and athletes.

Throughout the season, Spruce Meadows welcomes teams, athletes, officials, media and fans from around the world. To accommodate the varied needs, we will rely on our long-established internal water supply system, sustained by a series of wells and collection reservoirs located throughout the property. This self-sufficient system enables us to meet the venue’s water needs independently, prioritizing the welfare of the players, our horses and facilities without imposing additional demands on the municipal water supply.

While the Spruce Meadows property does have access to City of Calgary water, we are fully respecting the current restrictions and regulations. Our proactive measures ensure that we contribute to the conservation efforts while maintaining the high standards of care for our venue and participants.

Spruce Meadows and Cavalry FC remain dedicated to responsible and sustainable practices, aligning with community efforts to manage water resources effectively.