Food Concessions

Here is a listing of the food concessions located around ATCO Field. Not mentioned here are Wheelbarrow Hawkers on the Balustrade (400 Section) and all other Wheelbarrow Hawkers that will be wandering the grounds. The Wheelbarrows sell Jumbo Hot Dogs and Big Rock Beer product.


If you are a pass holder for the VIP Mess Hall, you also have an option to pre-order your food and beverage prior to your arrival HERE.

Lower International Plaza

The North American Tournament - Spruce Meadows. July 1 2015

Café Vino

Café Vino serves delicious coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and cool beverages.  A variety of Big Rock Beers and ciders are also served in addition to Big Rock’s newest offering … White Peaks – their new hard steeped tea which comes in a variety of flavours. A variety of wines and warm Mulled Wine can also be found here.

Food fare includes sweets, Grab n’Go salads, veggie and fruit plates, and charcuterie boxes.

North American Tournament. Spruce Meadows. July 1 2015

Flavours of the World

Flavours of the World features traditional food on the go – Poutine, Chicken Strips, Burgers, Pickle Chips, Fries, Perogies, Bratwurst, Hot Dogs and more.

A variety of Pepsi and Big Rock products, including Rose Creek Cider – their new hard steeped tea, can be found here as well to quench your thirst!


Food Truck

Visit the Food Truck for some new and delicious offerings:

Scottish Meat Pie
Corn Dogs
Pickle and Country Fries

The Food Truck will also serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Mini Donuts & Icecream

Enjoy a mini-doughnut and Ice cream – it’ll make your day brighter guaranteed!

This location also serves a variety of sweets in addition to Hot Chocolate and soft drinks

Terrace Pavilions (west of 200 sections)


Corner Kick Bar

Our newest addition – the Corner Kick Pub – can be found on the southwest corner of the pitch and is accessed through the 200 Sections.

Rapid Ascent Brewery // Incline Series: Craft Lager and Hazy IPA; Rök Beer: Sorcerer Raspberry Ale, Code 6 Amber Ale
Big Rock Brewery // Big Rock Draft Beer, Grasshopper
Eau Claire Distillery // Cherry Gin Collins, Equinox Mule and Prickly Pear Pink Lemonade

Wine // West & Wilder, Red or White

Additional products will be supplied by Big Rock and non-alcoholic beverages from Pepsi, including juices and water.

Chippers and old fashion popcorn will complete your pub cravings! And new for the fall – Mulled Wine!


Corner Kick Café

The Corner Kick Cafe – located right next to the Corner Kick Pub – carries all your traditional game-day grub.  Burgers, Hot Dogs, Popcorn and hot and cold beverages.

NEW! The Corner Kick Cafe will also feature products from Rapid Ascent Brewery and Big Rock Brewery:

Rapid Ascent Brewery // Incline Series: Craft Lager and Hazy IPA; Rok Beer: Sorcerer Raspberry Ale, Code 6 Amber Ale
Big Rock Brewery // Big Rock Draft Beer, Grasshopper

Wine // West & Wilder, Red or White

Upper International Plaza


Big Rock Beer Hut

HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS (from opening)

Big Rock Draft Beer pint: Traditional, Grasshopper, Pilz // 16 oz  $8.95,  24 oz $12.50

Authentic Bavarian Pretzels and Hot Dogs,  Rose Creek Cider, Eau Claire Cocktail and Big Rock beer on tap – all can be found here. Find them on your immediate left when exiting the security tent.

New in 2022:  Nacho Con Queso and Caesars cocktails!

Non-alcoholic beverages also served.

Behind East Grandstand

Canadian Premier League - Cavalry FC v Pacific FC - Calgary, Alberta, Canada  Sept. 22, 2019   Mike Sturk/CPL

Barbecue Pit

Come and take a load off and sit at one of the picnic tables or on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, great burgers & bratwurst and a variety of Big Rock products and non-alcoholic drinks.

Behind East Grandstand


Beer Truck

Authentic Bavarian pretzels and beer anyone?

Yes? Well – here is your stop!

For 1 hour at gate opening